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For many years the Aust family has been the motor behind the success of AUCO GmbH. The medium-sized company was founded in 1977 by F. S. Aust in Constance on Lake Constance and has been held by the experienced and skilled hands of the Aust family and its management team ever since.    

The rented company space in Constance soon became too small, and the Aust family acquired its own company grounds.    

Since the building permit was delayed by the administration of the city of Constance, another property was purchased in 1988 in Engen/Hegau, where the company found the better infrastructure and support from an unbureaucratic municipal administration. The new hall in Engen was designed and built based on the family’s ideas, and AUCO GmbH was able to move from Constance to Engen in December 1989.   


Defining visionary directions, seizing opportunities and keeping goals in sight: all of these are elements of AUCO’s corporate philosophy. The entire staff consistently looks after our customers’ requirements and special requests and works as a team with a positive attitude on its tasks that are connected with the protection of our environment. The highest sense of responsibility is fundamental for this attitude.

AUCO GmbH was the first chemicals company in the south of Germany that produced phosphate-free cleaning agents and submitted their recipes to the water management authorities. According to the legislation valid at the time, all recipes for cleaning agents had to be registered with the Federal Environment Agency. The agency assigned a company registration number in the order in which they were received to the appropriate companies. AUCO GmbH was assigned the registration number 0125 (as a matter of fact, renowned corporate groups started making an effort for the protection of our environment only at a much later point in time).       


39 years of experience paired with the ability to use the collected knowledge in practice enables AUCO GmbH to develop and custom-tailor the most efficient products for each customer. Our expertise and flexibility serve as the basis for new concepts and solutions. With this knowledge, experience and will to learn AUCO GmbH has the competence to manage any new situations. The curiosity and motivation of the AUCO team determine and bring about positive changes.